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    Below are some of the common questions we receive from customers. If your current problem is not listed below, please call us at the phone number listed above so we can discuss the problem.


My system doesn't come on.

Is the water to the sprinkler system turned on?

Does the controller have power?

Does your system have a rain sensor?


Some of my sprinkler heads continue to run even though the controller has turned off.

This is usually a zone valve which is stuck open. turn off the main valve and call us!


One or more of my zones don't come on with the rest.

Is there time programmed on the controller for each zone?
Does the controller indicate that the zone should be running?
If so, the zone valve or wiring to it needs repair - call us!


One or more of my sprinkler heads leak water after my system runs.

If this leakage continues for more than an hour or two,

you have a dirty or broken control valve - call us!